• No Hardware

    No Hardware

    No hardware, no maintenance, no problem.

  • Route Diversity

    Route Diversity

    Multiple carrier networks and locations for ultimate connectivity.

  • On Demand Scale

    On Demand Scale

    Start small but build big confidently. We'll scale for you.

  • Wholesale Pricing

    Wholesale Pricing

    Wholesale connectivity at wholesale pricing.

Worldwide reach.

Our coverage spans the whole world.

Fax Coverage

We've literally spent over 5 million dollars.

This platform is now at your fingertips.

We've used the most trusted mix of hardware and infrastructure providers.

Access a mix of of the most trusted hardware brands, with software techniques and frameworks used in the most demanding environments.

We employ software process best practices such as test driven development and quality software frameworks to provide you scalability and reliability.

Built to handle over 10 million transactions a day

And we're still growing.


Monopond's cloud fax services provide reliable and secure, scalable faxing to any destination.

Mail merge is a fax feature that lets you customize or personalize your fax messages. Monopond mail merge is simple and easy.

We offer smart blocking options which reduce unnecessary calls to numbers which do not have a fax machine, increasing speed and reducing costs.

We currently support Australia (DNCR) and UK (FPS) for automatic 'washing' of faxes. If you'd like automatic compliance elsewhere let us know on sign up.

We provide full reporting in our web interface and via our API. From both the web interface and API all reporting is provided in real time. No delays so you know what is going on.

HTTPS is available for the web interface and fax API so you can be sure your data and content is handled as securely as possible.

We have developed custom document rendering filters so that your original source document will look as crisp and clear as it possibly can when converted to a fax ready format

Built for Compatibility

We maintain multiple fax hardware makes and models and utilise proprietary software algorithms in order to ensure full compatibility with fax hardware 'in the wild'. If your alternate fax solution relies on only one type of fax card it may not be able to connect to every fax machine.

Fax Information


Monopond cloud SMS services lets you send SMS messages through a secured connection with fast, reliable and efficient global SMS delivery network.

Monopond’s SMS broadcast web interface allows the easy sending and reporting of SMS to multiple recipients simply by uploading a contact list and the text content. You can even schedule your SMS campaigns.

Monopond SMS gateways are designed for fast and reliable SMS messaging using direct SS7 connections for global mobile capability.

Monopond provides web interface and API (web services and SMPP) based connections for sending campaigns, checking progress and completion reports. Bulk messaging are mostly used by large-scale enterprises for information dissemination to employees as well as marketing strategies for customers.

Monopond’s Email to SMS service is easy and effective for user initiated or light to medium transactional use cases. Its features include access control based on email address or domain, ability to set reply back value per originating address and reporting per email address.

Monopond’s secure SMS API based connection model is perfect for flexible integration into any product line. Offering standard web services or SMPP approaches with a transactional pay-per-use billing model.