Reach your customers online with SMS and Fax

Monopond connects businesses with people. In one platform, you can send and receive fax and SMS online.

Your one-stop communication powerhouse.

With fax and SMS in one place, Monopond is the only communication service you need.

SMS Broadcasting

Manage and send SMS messages right in our web portal. Upload recipient lists, compose a message, and connect with your customers right away.

With our SMS broadcast services, you can send marketing campaigns or updates directly to your customers.

Sign up and send bulk SMS today. SMS plans start at $4.95.

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Two people holding their phones and sending SMS.
Fax machines receiving faxes sent online using Monopond's online fax broadcast feature.

Online Fax and Fax Broadcasting

Send fax online to more than 40 Countries. Receive faxes via email. No fax machine required.

We suppport multiple fax sending modes. Send fax to one number, send to many, or start a broadcast and fax blast to thousands of numbers—all in one platform!

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Why Monopond?

With Monopond, you have the best online communication services right at your fingertips.
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SMS and Fax in One Place

We offer bulk SMS, online fax, and fax broadcasting services in one platform. Manage all your communications in one place.

30+M Faxes Per Month

We handle over 30 million transactions every month from all over the world.

10 Years Strong

We’ve been in the business for more than 10 years and we’re constantly perfecting our solutions every day.

Reliable Servers

Monopond is your consistently reliable fax machine. Our stable infrastructure offers maximum resiliency against disruptions.
Monopond is Business Ready
Your Monopond is built to cater to your business needs.
Fax API for Developers
Create and deploy fax solutions using our reliable API. Monopond offers code libraries for different languages (PHP, Java, Python, Ruby, C#, or Perl) that would suit every developer’s needs.

Custom Pricing Plans

We offer custom plans for high volume senders and multiple fax numbers. Our pricing plans are flexible to meet your business needs.

Got questions?

For any questions or concerns, send us an email at and we'll be in touch to assist you.
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